Winch/ 360 Degree Rotation/ Weight 100KG/ Loads 100KG

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Technical parameter

Weight: 100kg

Working load: 100kg

Telescopic size of lifting arm: 1000~1500mm

Supporting wire rope: φ6mm,100m

Rotatable angle of lifting arm : 360 degrees

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Driven by 220V AC motor, equipped with motor lock brake, motor reducer, manual clutch, manual brake.

A variety of fixed modes, 360° rotation.

It can switch neutral, so that the carrying fall freely, at the same time equipped with belt brake,which can control the speed in the process of free descent.

Supporting 316 stainless steel wire rope without torque.

Equipped with a revolution counter to calculate the length of the cable.

Driven by 220V AC motor, equipped with a motor holding brake, a motor reducer, a manual clutch, a manual friction brake, a rotating boom, a winch fixture, etc. When the cable is released, the clutch is placed in the disengaged state and the speed is limited by the brake. To engage the clutch, it is necessary to move the clutch lever and rotate the drum at the same time, or move the controller to make the motor drive the clutch sleeve to rotate.

When the lifting is over, the motor is powered off, and the motor holding brake is automatically held to implement braking. At the end of the unwinding operation, the clutch should be engaged to keep the drum braked before releasing the hand brake.


1. The rotatable winch arm deck hoisting equipment is convenient to save time and effort, and has a protective effect on personal safety.

2. It can make the carrying equipment fall freely, saving time.

3. Belt brake, strong operability, improve work efficiency and protect personal safety.

4. The high-strength steel wire rope protects the safety of the equipment, ensures the safety during operation, enhances the service life of the equipment, and saves costs.

5. Real-time understanding of the length of the rope when it is lowered or recovered, the operation is more efficient and accurate.

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