Wave Sensor 2.0 to Monitor Ocean Wave Direction Sea Wave Period Marine Wave Height

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Wave sensor is a completely new upgraded version of the second generation, based on the nine-axis acceleration principle, through the completely new optimized sea research patent algorithm calculation, which can effectively obtain the ocean wave height, wave period,wave direction and other information. The equipment adopts a completely new heat-resisting material, improving product environmental adaptability and greatly reducing the product weight at the same time. It has a built-in ultra-low power embedded wave data processing module, offering RS232 data transmission interface, which can easily be integrated in the existing ocean buoys, drifting buoy or unmanned ship platforms and so on. And it can collect and transmit wave data in real time to provide reliable data for ocean wave observation and research.There are three versions available to meet the needs of different users: basic version, standard version, and professional version.

Product Detail

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1.Optimized data processing algorithm – low power consumption and more efficient.

On the basis of big data, the algorithm is deeply optimized: power consumption low at 0.08W, longer observation period, and more stable data quality.

2.Improve data interface – simplify and more convenient.

Humanized design, adopt new joint, simplified 5 interfaces into one, easily used.

3.Completely new overall structure – heat-resisting and more reliable.

The shell has high strength can withstand high temperature up to 85℃, wider range of use and stronger environmental adaptability.

4.Convenient installation – saves time and effort,and more peace of mind.

The bottom adopts splicing *3 screws fixed design, 5 minutes to complete the installation and disassembly, faster and more convenient.

Technical parameter





Wave Height




Wave Period




Wave Direction




Wave Parameter

1/3wave height(effective wave height)、1/3wave period(effective wave period); 1/10wave height、1/10wave period;average wave height、average wave period; max wave height、max wave period;wave direction
Note:1.The basic version supports outputing of effective wave height and effective wave period.2.The standard and professional version support outputing:1/3wave height(effective wave height)、 1/3wave period(effective wave period)、1/10wave height、1/10wave period;average wave height、average wave period; max wave height、max wave period;wave direction.

3.The professional version supports outputing of wave spectrum.

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